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Influenza Vaccine is Here! "Whooping Cough" Epidemic in
Southern California


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Influenza Vaccine is Here!

Influenza Vaccine is here.  We have preservative free and regular flu vaccines for anyone 6 months to 64 years young.  We can give these vaccines to all members of your family, as well as friends and acquaintances who care for children 6 months to 3 years of age.  For 18 years and older, we have the new "Intradermal p-free".  

To schedule an appointment for you and your children and to answer any concerns you may have, call:

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"Whooping Cough" Epidemic
in Southern California
Southern California is in a pertussis or "Whooping Cough" epidemic.  This disease can be 50% fatal in babies less than 6 months of age and 3/4 of the time the infection is spread by a family member.  This vaccine is Tdap or Adacel.  Many hospitals in our area are giving the vaccine for pertussis to mothers immediately following delivery of newborn babies.  They do not offer to immunize fathers, children in the household, grandparents or siblings.  To hear the "Sounds of Pertussis" click here.

Eclipse Medical Group can vaccinate any family member, relative or close contact with your children with Adacel.  We charge $50 and will give you a superbill in order to bill the insurance company.

If you have concerns, we are here to answer your questions. Call today for an appointment. We are located in Anaheim Hills and Corona.

  • Anaheim Hills Office, Call (714) 282.5437
  • Corona Office, Call (714) 739.5944